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When Alicia decided to settle in Brighton following her husband’s death, it entailed a move to a different continent, adjusting to a different way of life. Then, there was the matter of maintaining the enormous Edwardian house she purchased. Fortunately, Wendy and Mason, the newly appointed housekeeper and cook, were the most competent and supportive friends Alicia could ever imagine. However, nothing prepared her for the resident spirit, Albert, who had several old-fashioned opinions, a keen interest in music, and an uncanny ability to influence decisions. How will Alicia adapt to her new surroundings and communicate with her late companion? Find out in Yours in Spirit, a paranormal novel by Stephen Murray.

With the backdrop of a grand mansion replete with opulent furniture and a lush garden, the story features a refined existence. The endless courses of gourmet meals and piano tunes made me appreciate the finer things in life. I loved the contrast between a jovial Alicia and an overly formal Mason, highlighting the clash between American and English cultures. I particularly enjoyed how Stephen Murray showcased the differences in food habits, decorum, and even everyday words in a hilarious manner. Albert stole my heart with his dry humor, witty remarks, groan-inducing puns, and flair for the dramatic. His otherworldly powers and shrewd observations made him a dependable ally. I admired Alicia’s strength as she enjoyed her new life despite the constant, gnawing grief. I loved how her kind heart enriched every person she befriended. Boasting a hefty dose of paranormal and just the right amount of romance and sleuthing, Yours in Spirit  will surely enchant readers with its feel-good vibes.

Readers’ Favorite

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