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Yours In Spirit
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 8 reviews
 by Henderson, Nevada

A visiting spirit is constantly helping and sometimes aggravating the widow, Alicia, who has purchased the home he lived in a century ago. Alicia is also surrounded by wonderfully colorful characters, each touching her heart in various ways and becoming her new family. Love, intrigue, crime and a surprise ending make this book one you won’t want to put down. I know I didn’t!

 by Las Vegas, Nevada
It was so good. Please do another.

I finished Yours In Spirit today.
How sweet and sad is the ending.
I can't wait for your next book. This one was terrific.

 by Henderson, Nevada
A Beautiful Love Story

Yours In Spirit is a warm, beautiful love story that affirms, even in the Autumn of our lives there can be a last love.

 by Tucson, Arizona
A Beautiful and Totally Uplifting Tale

This was a very quick and sweet read. By the time I finished I felt like I had to start taking gourmet cooking classes. Every meal and snack Mason made sounded delish! I could just visualize the beautiful garden Alicia so lovingly transformed, even if some of it wasn't just her idea (thanks to Albert). So refreshing that every chapter was upbeat with happy outcomes for all. I've loved reading ALL of Stephen's books very much!

 by Henderson, Nevada
An Old English Home, a Widow, and a Ghost!

In the golden years of her life, Alicia finds herself on a new adventure when she makes the decision to move from her home in America to a country she and her husband fell in love with many years ago—England. Taking with her memories of a loving husband and a marriage she cherishes, the newly widowed Alicia sets out on a new chapter of her life.

Settling in her new home, Alicia quickly finds out that the dwelling comes with a bit more than she bargained for, a ghost named Albert. Building their friendship on nothing more than notes, Alicia soon learns that sometimes the dead see more than the living.

Yours in Spirit is a delightful story of love, friendship, and changing tides. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sweet story, with a cup of tea, by a warm fire. A truly cozy tale!

 by Las Vegas, Nevada
Holiday charm

I found this story to be so charming, especially since I’m reading it as we start the holiday season. A great way to escape the news, the stresses of the day, and a diversion from binge watching those Christmas movies. It’s a feel good story with a nice blend of American and British cultures.

 by Hayward, Wisconsin
A great new book to enjoy

The latest book from Author Stephen Murray is not to be missed! Yours in Spirit is a thoughtful, witty and captivating story of a recent widow as she navigates living in a new country, a new home and some very interesting and delightful characters! You know a book is great when you find yourself genuinely invested in just what is going to happen next! I loved how the descriptions of the home, the town and the key players were perfectly detailed and allowed me to imagine everything exactly as the author intended! Bravo and thank you for allowing us enjoy this lovely book!

 by Henderson, Nevada
What a fun read!!

I just loved this gem of a story! Just when I needed something light with a bit of ghostly frolic but a theme of bravery to move on from tragedy!! The characters are fun; engaging and well suited to each other and the storyline. With a few interesting turns and turns of events, this book will well satisfy readers of general fiction, ghostly stories, historical fiction and aficionados of proper British custom! I heartily recommend this wonderful new book by author Stephen Murray.

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